General Manager: SFP


General Manager: SFP

Location: KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa
Sector: Forestry and Forestry Products
Contract Type: Permanent

An exciting opportunity exists within Singisi Forest Products (Pty) Ltd(“SFP”) for a suitably qualified and experienced:

The Successful candidate will be responsible for operational profit and loss, integrating operating plans, structures and culture of SFP with the Merensky Group objectives, values, policies and ethical codes. Providing site-based leadership in best practice management of the (market led) production activities on-site to maximise value creation for stakeholders by considering sustainability from a triple bottom line perspective. Maximising the forestry stumpage value amongst a basket of local and export log products considering relevant market needs, production costs and risks, whilst ensuring sustainable utilization through appropriate planning and research initiatives.  Processing functions to produce to local and export market demand at minimum sustainable cost, supported by engineering services that aim to achieve maximum availability of equipment and support optimal process flow of systems. Lumber marketing to maximise sku price of market orientated production mix whilst minimizing sales costs within the constraints of the triple bottom line and the need to ultimately maximise stumpage. Top talent, safe workplace and engaged human resources at site level with close community involvement and social capital value add.

Position Specifications:

Qualifications and Expertise:

  • A minimum of a BSc or equivalent Degree in a relevant discipline, preferably forestry or Wood Science / Engineering
  • At least 7 – 10 years experience at a senior forest and sawmilling management level
  • An MBA or equivalent qualification is preferred


  • Plantation forestry management
  • Production processes
  • Engineering
  • Sawmilling
  • Finances
  • Human resources
  • Rural community dynamics
  • Industrial relations
  • Health and safety
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability


  • Strong leadership and analytical skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Good communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to apply background in a workplace setting towards achieving set strategic and financial objectives


  • Comfortable with change Team player
  • Task driven but people orientated
  • Motivating and positive attitude, with well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Ability to work with complexity
  • Values and ethical code in line with that of Merensky
  • Service mentality and respecting authority

Closing Date: 25 August 2019

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