GIS & Microforest Training (KVTC)


GIS & Microforest Training (KVTC)

Location: Tanzania
Sector: General
Contract Type: Contract


The Kilombero Valley Teak Company Ltd. (KVTC) is a forestry company located in the Mlimba, Ulanga and Malinyi Districts of the Morogoro Region.  The Company manages 8000ha of teak plantation and 20000ha of indigenous / natural woodlands, The company operates a sawmill and a value adding mill and it currently harvests round logs from its plantation for sale to private mills and processing in its own sawmill.

KCTV is looking for an experienced GIS and Microforest expert (preferably expert in both) to train its planning manager candidate/s (on the job training) over an agreed period to become fully independent forestry planning manager/s.

The successful candidate will be required to deliver the training/development both on a remote basis and on site at the company’s headquarters at Mavimba in Tanzania.

At the end of the training period, the planning manager candidate/s should be able be to:

  1. Microforest
  • Be fully conversant with all the applications of Microforest, plantation management module.
  • Be fully conversant with all applications of Microforest harvesting scheduling system. Monitor company’s forestry resource through enumerations and keep Microforest records UpToDate
  • Be fully conversant in the application
  • Incorporate the company’s silviculture APO in to Microforest and capturing of work completed on the daily basis.
  • Incorporate the company’s harvesting APO in to Microforest, capturing of APO actual volumes in MF and clear-fell completed.
  • Keep KVTC roads and infrastructure up to date in Microforest
  • Make sure the Spatial Processing in MF is updated and in line with company’s GIS data.
  • Generate MF systems report at any time as may be required by management
  1. Geographical Information System
  • Manage the company’s GIS data base
  • Make sure the GIS database is in the same “language” with MF Spatial processing.
  • Generate maps as may be required i.e., harvesting planning maps, enumeration maps, company’s annual map books etc
  • Remapping and edits of TUP compartments and incorporates the updates into MF and GIS
  • Add additional information as may be required for example ASI’s, Infrastructures etc into the spatial database


  • 10 years or more experience working with Microforest and GIS (ArcView or similar) in the commercial forestry environment
  • Fluent in English
  • Good communication skills and ability to train/ pass on knowledge and skills

If you meet the requirements of the position above, please submit your application below

NB: Only short-listed applicants will be invited for interviews.

Closing date for applications: 30 August 2021