Specialist: Wood/Lumber (MSc Forestry, Wood Product Science)

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    Ref: 1160125
    Nationality: South African
    Qualifications: Msc Forestry
    Annual Package Range: R 651 000 - 750 000, per annum
    Total Years Experience: 6 to 10 years
    Home and other languages: Afrikaans, English
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian / White

    Specialist: Wood/Lumber (MSc Forestry, Wood Product Science)

    Online Interview Questions

    Current / most recent job title?
    Specialist: Wood/Lumber

    1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

    • Research and development with a focus on wood.
    • Wood quality in tree breeding
    • Down stream wood product development
    • Consult internally on all aspects relating to wood (sawmilling, biomass, wood markets, competition, value addition etc.)

    2. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

    • Conduct Research
    • Write reports
    • Provide technical advice
    • Provide market intelligence
    • Oversee research projects at universities
    • Engage with government departments on policy and funding models

    3. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:
    I would like to work in a business development role where I could use the extensive an holistic picture I have for the forestry/wood/lumber industry and create diverse and robust businesses that effectively compete from market share in Southern Africa as well as trade globally. I have the qualifications, people skills and knowledge of products and markets to make this happen.

    4. Ideal business title:
    New Business Development Manager

    5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

    • Innovation
    • Market intelligence
    • New business ventures
    • Business expansion

    6. Skill area of competence:

    • Market Research
    • Logistics
    • Supply chain management

    7. Career summary:

    • 2.5 Years agricultural commodity trading, logistics, supply chains and marketing
    • 6 Years research and development in wood quality and tree breeding, wood product development, market research, carbon accounting, wood biomass.

    8. Achievements: 
    Available on request

    9. What do you absolutely love doing?

    • Strategizing
    • Learning about new information
    • Working on a high level with decision makers.

    10. Ideal company (culture and values):
    Any company with highly a qualified and experienced executive management group. Emphasis on innovation and smart business expansion.