About Us

What we do

Fevertree Employment is an employment agency focusing on the Forestry, Sawmilling, Transport, Forestry Products and Agriculture sectors. We provide job seekers with quality vacancies that are posted by registered recruiters and employers. For top jobs and top candidates.

Our Vision

To simply and efficiently connect people and companies with high-quality information and employment opportunities.

Our Advantage

We are the inspiration of Fevertree Media – the drivers of the official forestry and timber websites, www.forestry.co.za and www.timber.co.za. These high traffic sites are key assemblage points for everyone in the industry and work in conjunction with Fevertree Employment as dynamic “traffic circles” for employers and employees alike.

Vacancy Exposure

– Across the following three industry websites, fevertreeemployment.com, forestry.co.za and timber.co.za
– The two industry newsletters for Forestry South Africa and Sawmilling South Africa
– In our dedicated employment newsletter
– Across our vast social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Bronwyn Hayes

Bronwyn is the driver and owner of Fevertree Media, an online media management company for the forestry, sawmilling, transport and forest product industry. Fevertree Media manages and runs the commercial aspects of the two official industry websites, www.forestry.co.za for Forestry South Africa and www.timber.co.za for Sawmilling South Africa. Fevertree Media also owns the website, www.fevertreeequipment.co.za, an online platform that sells new and used equipment to the industry.

With a wealth of knowledge and connection to the industry, Fevertree Employment is the perfect platform to assist both companies and candidates with regards to their employment needs.

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